Our luggage storage vision is not just a place to leave your suitcases and be free to enjoy a last or first day in Rome. We want you to feel welcomed, that you are happy that you have left your luggage in safe hands, we want that if you have had a bad trip someone will welcome you with a smile and with little tips to start exploring Rome, or if your stay does not it was as you expected, the last memory is of a place where you felt at home for a few minutes, we want that if you have a check-in in our vicinity and you have a problem, you can still count on us,  to have an internet connection or a place to shelter if it is raining and cold. We want that during your stay you can count on our help beyond leaving your luggage, for the small needs that arise, from what to visit to where to eat, up to receiving your packages if you order something on any platform. And all this has no value for us, that’s why we don’t want to be paid for this little thing, we believe in human relationships and that when you are outside from your home can know there is a place where you can ask for help without being afraid of being money stolen is important. This is because for us you are not customers but guests