LEFT HOLDER STORE ME IN TRASTEVERE – Take a time out watching the best view of Rome from Gianicolo

Stow your suitcase in the luggage storage StoreMe in Trastevere (Vicolo del Bologna 79) and don’t miss the occasion of watching the best view of Rome from Gianicolo (one of the seven Roman Hills) and the Fountain of Acqua Paola, one of the most romantic and breathtaking places in Rome.

Located right above the borough of Trastevere the Gianicolo or Janiculum Hill offers one of the most terrific view over the Eternal City. Starting from via Garibaldi you can reach the top of the hill with a 20-minute walk across the Passeggiata del Gianicolo. It’s totally worthed!


Trastevere, Bernini’s Blessed Ludovica Albertoni sculpture shines again

If you will arrive earlier than check-in time or you’ve checked out but your plane, train or bus doesn’t leave until some hours later, don’t miss the sculpture of Blessed Ludovica Albertoni by master Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the church of S. Francesco a Ripa in piazza di S. Francesco d’Assisi 88 in Trastevere district.

Take 1 hour for you and drop off your suitcase in our luggage storage in vicolo del Bologna 79.


Must see, Hadrian’s Villa

Only 30 kilometres north-east of Rome, was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian the famous Hadrian’s Villa, one of the best kept and most visited archaeological sites in Italy.

The complex combines the architecture of ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome and you should not miss the chance to visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site if you have some hours free in Rome before your plane, train or bus will leave.

No worries about your luggage, we will keep it in our secure and insured luggage storage.

Be aware that Hadrian’s Villa can be tricky to reach without a car. For convenience and comfort, you can choose to book a private transfer with us.

For full details about the site click here

Garden of Ninfa – absolutely worth seeing

If will arrive before check in time or you’ve checked out but your plane, train or bus doesn’t leave until several hours later, drop off your luggage with us and don’t miss Garden of Ninfa. This unique English-style garden reopens, after its annual winter closure, on select days until 1 November 2020.

Situated less than 80 km south-east of Rome, near Sermoneta, it has over 10,000 shrubs, plants and flowering trees growing among the mediaeval ruins, while the river Ninfa forms a lake in the garden.

How to get there? Don’t worry, on request we can arrange transfer to and from Garden of Ninfa.

During the summer the garden is open on 4-5 and 19 July, and 1-2 and 15 August while the autumn dates include 5-6 September and 3-4 October, closing on 1 November.

English-speaking guided tours departing at 10.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., for which it is essential to book time-slots from 10 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. or from 10.30 a.m. to 11 a.m., or in the afternoon from 3 p.m to 3.30 p.m. or from 3.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. The tours themselves last about one hour.

For full details write to ingressoninfa@frcaetani.it or see Garden of Ninfa website

Ostiense, 10 minutes walking distance from Trastevere, is one of Europe’s coolest quarters

Rare is the day when check out times and flight times align in synchronicity. Often check out times are early-ish, leaving people to figure out where to store baggage while squeezing in some last minute fun before heading to the airport.

Don’t make this mistake, leave your luggage with StoreMe in Trastevere and take a tour of Rome’s Ostiense district, 10 minutes walking distance from Trastevere.

This neighborhood has been included in a list of “10 of the coolest neighbourhoods in Europe” by The Guardian.

Among landmarks mentioned is Centrale Montemartini, a fomer power plant and today one of Rome’s museums highlighted for its “jarring juxtaposition” of classical statues displayed among defunct engines and turbines.

Other monuments listed are the Non-Catholic Cemetery – the final resting place of Romantic poets Keats and Shelley – and the ancient Pyramid of Caius Cestius, located adjacent to each other in the Testaccio district which borders with Ostiense.

Stow your luggage with us and take a time out in Trastevere, the Rome’s coolest neighborhood

Stow your bags in the luggage storage StoreMe in Trastevere (Vicolo del Bologna 79) and take a time out in the Rome’s coolest neighborhood.

Trastevere is a must-see area of the Eternal City, one of Rome’s oldest residential areas characterized by narrow, cobbled streets, medieval-era dwellings with many restaurants, bars, and cafés. Its large student population add to the district a bohemian vibe where is possible to find unique gifts in its boutiques and studios

Place to visit and must see near Trastevere – Campidoglio

Spending some hours in any departures lounge at Fiumicino or Ciampino airports is a waste when some of the world’s most iconic attractions are just a short walk away from Trastevere.

Instead of skipping between the main sights, make a smart choice storing your bags with us and go to Piazza Venezia, climb up the steps above the Forum to see Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo. The central building is the Rome City Hall, the other two are the Capitoline Museums, with an excellent collection of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, the foundations of the ancient Temple of Jupiter and many other artifacts.

LEFT LUGGAGE STORE ME IN TRASTEVERE – Have a tasting spot at Roscioli

If you’ve checked out but your plane, train or bus doesn’t leave until some hours later, leave your luggage at StoreMe in Trastevere (Vicolo del Bologna 79) and have a great meal at Roscioli in via dei Giubbonari 21, just a short walk away from Trastevere.

They serve Roman classics alongside a mouthwatering array of fresh cheeses, cold cuts and pickled products straight from the deli counter. It’s a classic haunt beloved by food critics and travellers alike, so make sure to book a table in advance.

What’s on in Rome in March?

Do you land in Rome in March some hours before check-in time but you’re ready to start exploring or you’ve checked out and your plane doesn’t leave until several hours later?

Leave your luggage with us and check out what to do, we have some ideas for you!


Secret Impressionist (now through 8 March)

Bonaparte Palace – General Space Value Culture (Piazza Venezia 5)

Full details


Canova. Eternal beauty (now through 15 March)

Museum of Rome – Palazzo Braschi (Piazza di San Pantaleo 10).

Full details